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Blimpie Blast.®

Blimpie Blast.®

Available in the following varieties:

BLIMPIE BEST®: Our signature sub made from ham, salami, prosciuttini, cappacola, and provolone.

CLUB: A classic combination of ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese.

TURKEY: Alone or with one of our three choices of cheese -- American, Swiss, or provolone.

BUILD YOUR OWN: Combine our fresh sliced meats and cheeses to your own personal taste.

6ft SERVES 30 to 40, 3ft SERVES 15 to 20.

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party trays

Party Trays

Party Trays can be customized to your party size.

BLIMPIE® SLIDERS: 3" subs (available in all Blast™ varieties above). SERVES 10-15.

WRAPS: Ask us about your favorite sub in a wrap. SERVES 15-18.

MEAT & CHEESE: Your choice of three to four meats and two cheeses. SMALL TRAY SERVES 8-10, LARGE TRAY SERVES 20-24.

VEGETABLE & FRUIT: Custom fruit and vegetable trays (may vary by location). SMALL TRAY SERVES 10-12, LARGE TRAY SERVES 20-24.

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Lunch Box


Any Regular cold sub or wrap with chips, bottled beverage, a cookie, and condiments. Minimum order of five. All sandwiches are made with fresh baked bread. You also get your choice of toppings -- lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sweet or hot peppers, oregano, oil, vinegar, mustard, and mayonnaise.

Wraps are available in either spinach or flour tortillas with your choice of Blimpie® dressings.

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TOSSED: Lettuce and vegetables with your choice of dressing. SERVES 8-10.

MACARONI SALAD, POTATO SALAD AND COLE SLAW: Hearty and full of flavor -- great with your sub. SERVES 16-25.

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Gourmet Dessert Platter

A tray full of delicious cookies will end any meal on a high note. Selections may vary by location.


Ask about our assorted varieties of Frito Lay® chips.


Soda or bottled water available with your catering order.

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