Blimpie - Steps to Becoming a Franchisee

“I’m not sure which is the best part of being a Blimpie franchisee. It all comes down to making sure our customers are always foremost in our minds and in our hearts. Who wouldn’t be proud to be part of such a great organization?”

- Bobby C., Blimpie Franchisee, Texas


Learn more about the Blimpie sub sandwich franchising process

A lot of time and hard work go into opening a restaurant franchise. That’s why we provide you with a talented support team and a highly efficient opening process. On average, it could take six to eight months from the time you begin your journey until the day you open your doors. Below is an outline of the various steps you will encounter along the way.

Complete Your Blimpie Franchise Application

Start the process today by submitting a completed Blimpie franchise application by mail or fax. A Blimpie representative will review and respond to your submitted application and send you Blimpie’s Franchise Disclosure Document. After we receive your signed acknowledgement of the FDD receipt, you can begin the discovery process of owning your own Blimpie restaurant.

Sign Your Blimpie Franchise Agreement

Engage in further learning opportunities with Blimpie’s franchise development team. Conversations with your designated Blimpie representative will be essential to your sub sandwich franchise learning process. Validation calls to Blimpie franchisees and visiting existing Blimpie stores will also be beneficial. Upon mutual approval to move forward as a new Blimpie sub sandwich franchise owner, you will sign a Blimpie franchise agreement

Secure Your Blimpie Sub Sandwich Franchise Location

Finding a premier location for your sub sandwich business is essential. With help from a member of our real estate team, an authorized broker or your designated regional Blimpie representative, we provide assistance in finding and selecting a great location for your sub sandwich restaurant. You may elect to hire Kahala to do all the foundational work including researching local market studies, identifying a location and negotiating the lease, but ultimately you will sign the lease for your Blimpie sub sandwich restaurant.

Build & Outfit Your Blimpie Sub Sandwich Restaurant

With the help of your designated Blimpie sub sandwich franchise representative, the build-out process begins, including site plan and design specifications. Blimpie works with industry leaders to design and build your sub sandwich restaurant, ensuring that each location matches the established brand identity. Your designated Blimpie franchise representative will help you with your official construction documents, including mechanical, plumbing and electric plans, as well as assist with any build-out/design questions you may have. You can also count on them to make an on-site visit with your licensed contractor to review your progress.

Open Your Blimpie Sub Sandwich Resaurant

To maximize the grand opening for your Blimpie sub sandwich franchise location, we recommend working with your designated Blimpie representative to plan training four to eight weeks prior to your grand opening. As we mentioned earlier, your training will include a five day course at KTEC (Kahala's Training and Education Center), as well as an additional ten days of in-store training. You will receive a grand opening kit complete with banners, posters, balloons, menu fliers and loyalty cards. You will also be presented with a detailed local store marketing manual which includes ideas and specific examples of successful local store marketing initiatives used by your fellow Blimpie franchisees.

Throughout the entire opening process you will be in constant contact with your designated Blimpie franchise representative. Together you’ll work through a checklist from the time you sign your Blimpie franchise agreement to the time you open your doors to your first sub sandwich restaurant customers. Rest assured that when you become part of the Blimpie sub sandwich franchise family, you’ll never be alone.


Blimpie - Steps to Becoming a Franchisee
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